IM&M Discovery represents a breakthrough in providing an inexpensive, simple automated method for creating an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all devices on your network.

IM&M Discovery provides the underpinning of all the other modules in the suite; it is very cost effective and is a comprehensive management solution in its’ own right. Set up is quick and easy using CSV information to populate the database and schedule the scanning process.

Moves and changes are automated, reporting is comprehensive and simple – no technical knowledge required – and capacity management is simply a couple of clicks away.

In addition to the Device to switch port visibility, the system provides numerous import and export functions, logging and change history and a cut down helpdesk system. As well as providing visibility and control the solution also assists in the management of your carbon footprint.

IP Device Discovery
Automatically discovery all the IP devices in your network – with the ability to see users, applications, capacity, device details and more.
Comprehensive Reporting
Create and automate reports that deliver all the information you need from Connect, Discovery and Asset.
Automated Audits
Discovery allows you to reduce the time and cost of producing an audit by automating many of the processes.
  • A technical breakthrough in simplifying network discovery
  • Real time verification and validation of any asset system, instantly understanding where assets are within a network
  • Speedy through device-centric set up
  • Simple to use and configure via CSV import
  • Pre-configured to suit specific network needs & requirements
  • Effortless detection of previously undisclosed devices
  • Early fault finding capability allowing prompt remedial actions
  • Proactive moves and changes monitoring and planning (with email notification of unauthorised moves)
  • WMI integration for occupancy management
  • Full device repository faculty
  • Unique patch management system, allowing understanding of the physical location of devices within the network
  • No complicated scheduling or in-depth technical knowledge required
  • Easy upgrading
  • Easy configuration and maintenance
  • Filtered logs adaptive technology with email alerting function
  • Security assured through multiple defence & protection levels
  • Scalable to Enterprise levels for global organisations
  • Practical dashboard and control systems
  • Helpdesk ticket system and support escalation
  • Automated loading calculation to protect against network stress
  • Full tracking capabilities through unique visibility of devices; where they are and changes notification

IM&M can be installed on a virtual environment or a hardware appliance. For a breakdown of all the options we provide, please contact us with your intended usage.

If you opt for a hardware appliance, we will provide a small appliance or server based on your requirements.

If you opt to install IM&M on your own virtual machine, the guidelines are below:

Minimum Server Specifications

  • Dual Core Pentium CPU 2.3GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 25GB HDD (Thin Provisioned)

Recommended Server Specifications*

  • Quad Core Xeon E3 CPU, 3.6GHz
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 25GB SSD (Thin Provisioned)

*The recommended server specification is geared towards optimum performance for a system running Discovery, Asset, and Connect – with large automated and on-demand reports, scheduled scans, and high-resolution media.


  • IM&M can receive data through CSV imports, DNS, SNMP, and WMI.
  • Discovery can be built quickly and easily via CSV import, or manual population of your IP ranges. After that, the scheduled scans automate the process.
  • Having SNMP configured on all the devices you wish to poll – including switches, workstations, servers and printers – will allow IM&M to display device information and monitor capacity.
  • With WMI configured on your workstations, IM&M can monitor user details, user activity, and installed applications.
    • WMI requires a light WMI Agent to be installed on Windows device.
    • We can also import user information from SCCM if required.