IM&M Connect is a unique cable management solution, providing cost effective, end to end visibility, management, security and control for all of your cable infrastructure


IM&M Connect provides you with the core component of an intelligent integrated infrastructure.

Many components of the cabling and network arena have traditionally had no ‘intelligence’ associated with them. This means that components are passive, not discoverable and have no meaningful naming or documentation standards attributed to them.

There are traditionally no relationships between networks, cabling, voice systems, facilities management, assets or 3rd party management (like building management systems). This makes ownership, support and change difficult to manage in most organisations. Connect pulls all this together into a common database and provides unparalleled visibility across all these disciplines.

Connect represents a step forward in providing an inexpensive, simple method of verifying and managing fixed cabling and subsequent moves and changes within a network. Combined further with Discovery and Asset, the system can provide real time monitoring for all of your IP assets.

End-to-end Visibility
IM&M provides total end-to-end visibility of your entire infrastructure.
Comprehensive Reporting
Create and automate reports that deliver all the information you need from Connect, Discovery and Asset.
Move Management
Connect is a great tool for any stage of your project. From planning your infrastructure to plotting associated devices on a floor plan.
  • A technical breakthrough in simplifying cable management, providing end to end visibility of all cable infrastructure
  • Instant documentation and information of all permanent wiring within an organisation’s network
  • Real time, instantaneous tracking of all moves and changes, plus full detailed move reports for your move and change staff
  • Automatic reconnection of moved devices within a network, providing instant logging and alerts
  • Integration of floor and location plans, allowing visual representation of physical patching
  • Allows spare ports to be identified and allocated
  • Simplified moves and changes verification and management
  • Ensures efficient cable connections
  • Projected iPad integration allowing on-the-fly updates and directional discovery
  • Simple to use, and built from user friendly CSV import and information pulled from Discovery
  • Pre-configured to suit specific network needs & requirements
  • Early fault finding capability, allowing prompt remedial actions, with automated alert and control systems, and extensive helpdesk ticket system and support
  • Unique patch management system, allowing understanding of the physical location of devices within the network
  • Easy upgrading, configuration and maintenance
  • Security assured through multiple defence & protection levels
  • Scalable to Enterprise levels for global organisations

IM&M can be installed on a virtual environment or a hardware appliance. For a breakdown of all the options we provide, please contact us with your intended usage.

If you opt for a hardware appliance, we will provide a small appliance or server based on your requirements.

If you opt to install IM&M on your own virtual machine, the guidelines are below:

Minimum Server Specifications

  • Dual Core Pentium CPU, 2.3GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 25GB HDD (Thin Provisioned)

Recommended Server Specifications*

  • Quad Core Xeon E3 CPU, 3.6GHz
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 25GB SSD (Thin Provisioned)

*The recommended server specification is geared towards optimum performance for a system running Discovery, Asset, and Connect – with large automated and on-demand reports, scheduled scans, and high-resolution media.


  • IM&M can receive data through CSV imports, DNS, SNMP, and WMI.
  • Connect can be built quickly and easily through CSV import. We can even provide a Cable Generator tool and CSV templates to get you started.
  • The intelligence for Connect – such as inferred connections to devices and the status of switch ports – requires IM&M Discovery to be licensed and configured.