IM&M Mobile Devices

IM&M Asset provides asset management and real time daily depreciation for all of your assets, IP or otherwise.

IM&M Asset. Asset provides unique real time accountability and depreciation for
all assets within a network. Asset represents a breakthrough in providing an inexpensive, simple method of creating an accurate, up-to-date inventory and monitoring of all
devices on a network. Combined further with the Discovery Connect module, the system can also provide moves, changes and cable management.

Assets can be grouped and categorised to make reporting and inventory control management a simple task. All IP devices are identified automatically and linked from discovery. When conducting moves and changes asset information is pulled into Connect to ensure that all of the pertinent data is available to the people conducting the work.

Asset Monitoring
Asset generates barcodes for you to associate to any physical device, which when scanned will load up the Asset information page.
Comprehensive Reporting
Create and automate reports that deliver all the information you need from Connect, Discovery and Asset.
Financial Management
Keep track of all of your financials, including depreciation and end-of-life dates. Speed up your audits and stay on top of your device refresh schedule.
  • Real time accountability & depreciation for all IST assets
  • Instant, automated reporting of all missing or removed IST assets
  • Easy creation of bespoke multiple groupings of assets, from cost codes to location, serial numbers to owners
  • Regular calculations of depreciation, set to various modes allowing
  • Bespoke reporting, from departmental analysis through to ownership reports
  • Simple to add child assets to a parent and depreciate either with the parent or separately as required
  • Easy formation of automated email alerts for support agreement reviews and expiries
  • Can be put into stores or achieved from the system providing the ability to depreciate whilst not used or to take out of the system but retained on the books
  • Automated software and device inventory using WMI
  • Seamless data input using WMI or easy CSV file importation
  • Real time verification and validation of any asset , instantly understanding where assets are within a network
  • User information can be imported daily from SMS, AD or other exports.
  • Pre-configured to suit specific network needs & requirements
  • Reporting provides the ability to add any database field from any of the modules installed exporting to CSV, XML or PDF
  • Easy upgrading, configuration and maintenance, with practical dashboard controls and extensive helpdesk support systems
  • Security assured through multiple defence & protection levels
  • Scalable to Enterprise levels for global organisations

IM&M can be installed on a virtual environment or a hardware appliance. For a breakdown of all the options we provide, please contact us with your intended usage.

If you opt for a hardware appliance, we will provide a small appliance or server based on your requirements.

If you opt to install IM&M on your own virtual machine, the guidelines are below:

Minimum Server Specifications

  • Dual Core Pentium CPU 2.3GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 25GB HDD (Thin Provisioned)

Recommended Server Specifications*

  • Quad Core Xeon E3 CPU, 3.6GHz
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 25GB SSD (Thin Provisioned)

*The recommended server specification is geared towards optimum performance for a system running Discovery, Asset, and Connect – with large automated and on-demand reports, scheduled scans, and high-resolution media.


  • IM&M can receive data through CSV imports, DNS, SNMP, and WMI.
  • Asset can be built quickly and easily via CSV import.
  • If WMI is installed configured on your IP devices, their assets will display installed applications and their versions.
    • WMI requires a light agent to be installed on a Windows device.
  • In order to automatically link assets to your IP devices (e.g. workstations, monitors, phones, desks), you need to have IM&M Discovery installed and licensed on your system.