Key Features

  • This is the game changing new MCU-less multipoint architecture that changes the quality and cost of videoconferencing. It is designed to run over and utilize IP networks (such as the internet).
  • Delivering high definition VC that has less delay (latency) than a mobile phone network.
  • Makes video communication a natural part of the communication strategy and universally available.
  • The solution scales infinitely.
  • Offers face to face business opportunities anytime, anywhere.

As video communications have become more integral to enterprise applications over the past few years; the limitations of the current crop of solutions have become uncomfortably apparent. Beyond the expense of the systems themselves — not to mention the dedicated video conferencing rooms and dedicated network facilities they require — users have also been forced to put up with decidedly marginal performance … choppy frames, long delays, broken pictures, and the like. Given the expense of these systems, people have had good reason to expect more.


The Vidyo product offers more and is unique in that it makes natural video communication available to everyone—from the office, home or while travelling—over general purpose IP networks, including the Internet. Vidyo makes tele-presence-quality video conferences easy and affordable on PCs, Macs, Linux and HD room systems.

Vidyo is the only “MCU-less multipoint” architecture. The key benefit is offered by the patented Vidyo router that utilises the SVC codec that enables the delivery of video, and specifically videoconferencing, over best effort IP networks like the internet.

Vidyo is the first product to leverage scalable video coding (SVC) for videoconferencing applications. SVC supports the division of video streams into multiple additive layers of video resolution, video quality, and video frame rate.

Key Benefits

  • Reliability
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic ROI
  • Increased video quality  – true HD
  • Very low latency – sub 250 ms (equal to or less than that of a mobile telephone conversation) – no more talking over each other
  • Built in firewall traversal at no extra cost – reduced complexity
  • Multipoint bridging with no degradation of quality or added latency
  • Scalable deployment of Multipoint bridging at a 10th of the cost of AVC bridging
  • Intelligent dynamic bandwidth utilisation which enables a great experience over ADSL –multiple (5, 6, 7 or more) participants over ADSL, 3g and 4g!
  • Tight integration with Microsoft’s OCS (now Lync server)
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Connect
  • Tight Integration with IBM Lotus Sametime
  • Graceful degradation of picture eliminates blocking or pixilation
  • Pricing compared to traditional/legacy technology