Imagine your business and technology in perfect alignment

IT/IS is often critical to organisations but it is also often misunderstood and not used to its’ full potential. Understanding how to align the IT/IS with the business goals and objectives will not only help reduce costs but will also ensure that your business is agile and responsive to your customers’ needs. Nico Consultancy have trained consultants who are at the leading edge of organisational alignment and can provide business models to assist any size or type of organisation wishing to maximise their investment in technology.

We believe minimising human error via automation is the key to reducing costs and increasing productivity,which is why we have developed our suite of intelligent infrastructure management tools.Combined this with our consultancy and our move and change solutions we can provide cost effective solution for all your business needs.

cable management

We’ll help you manage projects effectively

We work closely with our clients, often becoming friends and trusted advisors, as unlike some organisations we believe that problems need to be raised as they occur. This often means that they can be addressed before it becomes too late to do anything about them.

Whilst we use PRINCE2 as our preferred methodology we are not prescriptive and modify every project to ensure that it fits with the business requirements and the organisational needs.

We specialise in taking the leg work out of your Moves and Changes processes

Our expertise has allowed us to revolutionise the move and change process by bringing automation to the fore. Our tools will provide a comprehensive list of every IP device, where they are located and even floor plans that can detail their exact location, thus changing the complexity involved in the move process. Only the physical movement of the devices needs, out of work hour’s manual intervention.

This provides a real time and cost reduction incentive, whilst eliminating error, and mitigating the need for costly out of hour’s skilled support. More importantly our skilled engineers can do this for you, freeing up your IT staff to concentrate on the business.

We don’t have any set templates we build each solution to fit the clients requirements, for some it is just collating the move process for others it is a fully managed solution. No requirement is too big or too small but our commitment and professionalism is always the same.

Harmonise your networks, intelligence, communications and operations

Operations is more than just keeping the lights and the computers on, it is about having the right resources in the right place at the right time. It is about planning and executing change in a controlled way that is underpinned and supported. It is about communication and risk control, so that people know what to expect and what happens if it goes wrong.

move and change

We have the experts to deliver everything from the strategy planning through the operational running – either remotely or on site – through to the change and upgrading of technology at the end of its operational life.

As well as monitoring and maintaining all your IT environments we bring in services and solutions to create operational efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance your green credentials and increase the visibility across all of your IT estate. We believe in transparency in everything we do or say and will provide clear, concise documentation to back up everything we do.


We also provide a bespoke development service for automation of common tasks, custom reports and other tasks as required. Call today to discuss your unique requirements.


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