Network management and video conferencing just got easier.

Intelligent management for your infrastructure with total end-to-end visibility

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Asset management and real time daily depreciation for all of your assets IP or otherwise.

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Create an accurate, up-to-date, automated inventory of all devices on your network.

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Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing any time, any place, any platform and on any network link available.

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IM&M Mobile Devices

Solutions built from experience

We do not consider ourselves to be merely innovators, but creators of change which respect the way in which companies address their security and infrastructure management. Our solutions return power and visibility to the business community.

Not just cable management

We’re taking a new approach to our competitors in the network discovery and cable management arena. We don’t look at the cabling as the most important aspect we see this as the glue to the devices at either end.

With our automated device discovery, IM&M intelligently links live devices to your circuit traces, providing far more useful reports. Once the connection is made, your moves, changes, and asset management become an automated process.

Our tools are web based and run on a Linux platform which reduces the security issues and ensures that the system can be used from anywhere within your organisation.

Not just video conferencing

Vidyo is a revolution in video conferencing standards, unlike the current solutions on the market you are not limited by the lowest bandwidth. More importantly the system works on any platform and over our own pattern pending codec.

We care about what you think

We actively encourage you to contact us with feedback. All of our solutions are best in breed and have been chosen as they provide our customers with: a clear return on investment, visibility and control, an enhancement on anything else on the market and most of all ease of use.

Not just a software or video conferencing suite of tools.

IM&M and Vidyo are solutions brought to you by Altumnetworks. In the network discovery and cable management arena, we’re bringing a new approach to our competition. We do not look at the cabling as the most important aspect, we see this as the glue to the devices at either end.

By identifying the end devices we are able to not only infer the cable connection, we are able to link them together seamlessly. Once the connection has been made, moves and changes as well as asset management is simply an automated process.

Equally in video conferencing we are delivering a revolution. Vidyo has changed the industry, costs are slashed, network bandwidth is reduced and multi point, multi device conferences are now a reality.

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